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By blending tried and true with bold and new.


The Gabor Group was born in a time when media agnostic was still called ‘the big idea’.

We were integrated when it was still simply known as common sense in marketing.

Agota Gabor founded The Gabor Group in 1980, drawing upon her extensive media experience as a journalist, on-air host and television producer. The Gabor Group didn’t invent advocacy PR, predict the internet or beta-test Facebook, yet we’ve always had the canny ability to forecast media trends and incorporate emerging technology into our solutions.

From being one of the first agencies in Canada to offer intensive media training for executives and the first to use video news releases in media relations, to our highly-successful social marketing initiatives and multi-pronged social awareness campaigns, The Gabor Group continues to embrace the future.

Best of all, we do so unencumbered by both the narrow-minded thinking of many traditional agencies, or the sizzle-over-strategy immaturity of most “new media” boutiques.




Founded in 1980 by Agota Gabor, The Gabor Group is a small team of Toronto-based hybrids working on a variety of campaigns and in a range of different mediums. Find out where we come from – then we’ll help you get going.

Ken Clarke


Agi Gabor


Suzanne Hughes

Vice President and Public Relations

Lara Brady

Account Director

Brian Patti

Director of Video Production

Aisha Azhar

Account Director

Martha Dilazzaro

Project Administrator and Office Manager

Catherine Ryan

Art Director

Emily Betteridge

Communications Coordinator

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